One SIZE FITS most...


Pack your folding chairs and beach umbrellas. A plentiful supply of food & FUN (while supplies last).  

We aren’t sophisticated enough to provide a range of food options, but we’ll have lots of crawfish and the respective fixin’s. 

*NOTICE* If you plan on eating more than a normal human would (you know who you are), we ask that you buy a VIP ticket or make an additional donation to help cover the cost of feeding you (It's a benefit after all).

 If you know that you won’t be eating crawfish, we ask that you not purchase a ticket but rather make a donation and show up for the festivities anyway.  Click on either the “About” link or “The Legacy” link at the top of the page and this will direct you to the Donations page (100% of donations will go to Zach's family). Print proof of your donation for gate access if you aren’t buying tickets.